About AnodyneCann

Welcome to AnodyneCann

We are an Australian family owned patient focused Telehealth Clinic providing legal Medicinal Cannabis access to patients Australia wide.

Our Doctors are Australian registered and highly knowledgeable on Medicinal Cannabis as well as Australian relevant regulations & requirements.

We are 100% committed to our patients by providing them a personalised, tailored treatment plan for their needs.

Our business model is agile, streamlined and fast, yet compliant to Australian Medicinal Cannabis law.

At AnodyneCann removing barriers to healthcare through Telehealth is a key objective.

We understand rural and remote patients, we get the fact some patients may find accessing to healthcare difficult due to their social or cultural background.

We care about immunocompromised patients or those with physical challenges that may found going to clinic difficult or daunting.

At AnodyneCann we care and empathise with all patients, their needs and circumstances.

First class healthcare is what every single patient deserves and will get at AnodyneCann.

Welcome to Telehealth Medicinal Cannabis Clinic

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