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  1. Definitions
    a. Website means the website www.anodynecann.com.au
    b. ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’ means AnodyneCann Pty Ltd and any subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, agents or assigns.
    c. Services means providing information about AnodyneCann Pty Ltd services, information, products and purchases to Healthcare Practitioners and individuals in Australia.
  2. Disclaimers
    All the information contained on our site and services is for informational purposes only. Similarly, with all the contents posted by AnodyneCann Pty Ltd on any website, social media, mobile application, third party content services or any type of advertisement in any form or shape is for information purpose only. AnodyneCann’s services and products including all the information contained in our website is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, or adverse effects. We do not endorse and do not take responsibility of any opinion or advice, any information of any type or form made on sites of our service providers, third party material or other users of the site or services. AnodyneCann and its affiliates are not persuading or dictating to anyone to use Medicinal Cannabis. Medicinal Cannabis is not for everyone, it may have negative side effects. Medicinal Cannabis doesn’t work for everyone. Medical Cannabis in Australia is regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and Office of drug Control as well as each Australian states and territories relevant authorities. Always consult with your doctor if you have any questions about a medical condition and to find out if Cannabis is right for you. Never disregard your doctor’s or registered healthcare service provider’s advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of something you have read on the site, services, or on AnodyneCann on social media and channels. AnodyneCann does not take any responsibility for users’ relationship and accuracies of information provided or given with pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, dispensaries, retail of any sort or any healthcare provider or users of this site, services or products. AnodyneCann does not offer medical advice unless through paid consultation to AnodyneCann. This website is made available for your use only on your acceptance and compliance with these terms and conditions. By using this Website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. You agree that you will use this website in accordance with all the applicable local, state, territory and international laws and regulations. You agree that you will not use and will not give access or allow will you allow or authorise any third party to use this website or services or products for any purpose that is unlawful, abusive, defamatory or fraudulent or in any other inappropriate or illegal way. If you participate, contribute or engage in any communication, public or private in any event or instance or any form making comments on this website, used technology, platforms, commercial, financial, business, service, products, employers, employees and officers which are, in our opinion, unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent or obscene or in any other way inappropriate then we at our discretion, can refuse to publish such comments and/or remove them from the Website and notify relevant authorities and seek legal direction and help. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate our service to anyone at any time without notice or reason. Users are fully responsible for maintaining confidentiality of their password and login details.
  3. Copyrights
    The website located at www.anodynecann.com.au (the “Site”) is a copyrighted work belonging to AnodyneCann Pty Ltd and its parent company, affiliates and its other related companies. We hold the copyright to all the content of this Website including all the designs, graphics, data, content, technology, drawings, innovations, ideas, posts and linked or and/or presented databases on the Website. The described copyrighted work must not be copied or used unless agreed in written signed agreement by Us.
  4. Miscellaneous
    All useful links listed on our website is for information purpose only as we believe you may find them useful and informative. Please be aware we do not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of use or in connection to your use of these sites. In addition, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of any of the content or statements listed or contained on this Website or linked sites in relation to our Services or products. Statements made are by way of general comment only and you should satisfy yourself to their accuracy before use.
  5. Privacy Policy
    Personal information includes your name, contact details, speciality, qualifications, details of your GP, next of Kin, age, gender, date of birth, hospital or medical or consulting clinics, professional membership number or any other membership numbers provided by you to us and your bank details. We may collect the personal information from yourself or your representative(s), marketing agencies or third parties. If you are healthcare professional
    we may collect personal information about you in order to manage our relationship with you, inform you of events, product related matters, fulfill our statutory obligations organise your training, educational events related travel arrangements sponsored by us, improve our services and marketing activities. If you are a patient in order to get Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration special access approval to Medicinal cannabis
    medicine or any other third party to source or supply your needed and or prescribed medicine we may have to ask you for specific information, facts, age, gender and information on prescribing healthcare professional. We may also use your personal information to meet our federal, state and territory legal obligations. In addition, on occasions as required we may have to disclose your personal information to third parties, subsidiaries, affiliates that performing work on our behalf which may be located outside Australia. We respect and take care of all the personal information provides to us by all our users however, due to circumstances outside of our control we cannot guarantee full confidentiality due to the potential possibility and/or ability of third party to intercept and access such information.
  6. Accept Cookies
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  7. Governing Law
    These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.

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